We love the earth, not just on Earth Day.

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April 22 this year is the 49th Earth Day of the world. This is a festival dedicated to the world's environmental protection. It was launched in 1970 by Gaylord Nielsen and Dennis Hayes. Today, Earth Day celebrations have grown to 192 countries around the world, with more than 1 billion people participating each year.

Earth Day's founders created EarthDay.org's network to unite global environmentalists to promote Earth Day activities, while also calling on global citizens to uphold three core principles: eliminating human dependence on fossil energy and working on renewable energy Development and utilization, creating a “carbon-free” future; committing personal consumption habits to meet the requirements of sustainable development; establishing a “green economy” to create a “green job” for the poor to lift them out of poverty and transform the global education system It is environmentally friendly.

The theme of this year's Earth Day is "Protect Our Species" to protect our species. Protecting the environment is a long-term and arduous task. Our school calls on every student to start from himself, start from small things, start from now, even if it is a little bit within his power, it can become a huge force. !

Based on the significance of education, our school launched a one-month “Upcycling” environmental protection theme education activity, bringing students to recognize environmental protection, paying attention to environmental protection, protecting the earth, and learning to be “environmental wisdom and multi-star” in life.

LFIS Upcycling

The children of Liangfeng Bilingual Experimental School use their wisdom and skill to create a vivid and interesting creative work with the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation, and promote the concept of “Upcycling”. A wide range of creative, innovative and lively student works are now on display in the school hall.

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640 (19).jpg Students, teachers and parents are welcome to vote and choose your favorite green hand-made works!?

Aesthetics and environmental protection

In this “Upcycling” activity, our students will also combine art and environmental protection creativity. Under the guidance of art teacher Eddie Zhao, while learning about the dynamic visual art concept, the students will do their own work and reuse the waste paper. It has become a dazzling array of works of art. Walking into A-Gump's dynamic paintings - Yaacov Agam was born in 1928 as a world-famous dynamic artist of French-Israeli origin.

"Sports Art" can also be called "dynamic art" or "motorized art", that is, all or part of the work can be moved, and due to movement or by the movement of light, flashing can cause a certain visual effect in space. art.

A-Gump's work is also unpredictable with different viewing angles. While being visually shocked, the students also stimulated their interest in inquiry and creation.

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What can we do to change the status quo of the damaged environment?

1. Turn off the lights and not waste power resources

2. Green and low carbon travel, environmentally friendly and healthy

3. Save paper and make the forest more flourishing

4. Use less plastic bags to protect the soil and the atmosphere

5. Garbage classification to make the living environment fresher

6. Save water, blue planet can not be a drop